Heartily welcome to internet portal of the incorporated society of russian martial art "Sibirskiy Viun" in Germany!

The school of russian martial art "Sibirskiy Viun" is looking for sponsors for the construction of a Russian Orthodox church in the city of Paderborn.
More Information under 0495251/409106

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The non-profit association of russian martial art "Sibirskiy Viun" collects and systematizes the knowledge about the traditional Russian Martial Art.

Russian Martial Art is not a sport, but a lifestyle and daily work on yourself.
On our website you will find detailed information about the martial arts and their origin. The wide range of information, like pictures and video clips, will help you to get a first impression and instructional videos provide deeper insight into the technic.
You are welcome to participate at our seminars (requires a written or telephonic registration).
Furthermore, we can perform a seminar in your city, if you find a location and enough persons.
For fürther questions and suggestions you can always contact us.

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Official announcement:
The non-profit association of russian martial art "Sibirskij Wjun" isn't working with racist, right-wing and pro-fascist organizations.

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The official legal for teaching in the name of the association "Sibirskiy Viun" have only the instructors with an official document. Instructors are committed to confirm their knowledge through regular audit by the heads of organisation: D.Skogorev (Russia) and A.Fuhrmann (Germany).

Your questions about training and seminars, or to the Russian martial arts in general you can contact us via the contact form senden.